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Karen is the Practice Manager for Sumter Family Medicine. She is a professional coder and is active with the Sumter/Clarendon/Lee Medical Managers Association, part of the SC MGMA. She also holds a masterís degree in Biology from USC. She has been living in Sumter for over thirty years.
Michelle has worked at SFM for more than ten years and in the field of medical office management for over twenty years. She is a Medical Secretary in the front office and the Front Office Manager. She brings a wealth of experience and background to her position. Michelle is a native of Sumter.
Nancy has worked with SFM for more than ten years and previously worked in industry in quality control. She has certifications in Ward Clerk, Phlebotomy, and Computerized Order Entry and assists on the clinical side in addition to her duties as a Medical Secretary in the front office. Nancy is a life-long resident of Sumter.
Theresa works on the clinical side with Dr. Ingram and is a Certified Medical Assistant. In addition to her formal training at Central Carolina Technical College, she has extensive experience in the medical office setting. This is her third year at Sumter Family Medicine, and although not originally from Sumter she has lived here for a number of years.

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